How do we use ilmburst?

You must first create an account and it is free to do so. Once you have done so, you will automatically be on the free membership which grants you access to 200 free resources. To access all our resources, you must upgrade to the gold membership. You can then access, download and print over 2000 resources as you please.

How do we know the answers to the worksheets?

All our worksheets have answer sheets provided and any other relevant guidance

Do you cater for different learning styles?

Yes, where relevant we cater for the three main learning styles; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. This is highlighted on the resource pages of the website.

How much does ilmburst cost?

It is free to create an ilmburst account. To have full and unlimited access you must subscribe to the gold membership which is a one off annual fee of £50. We also have a subscription package for Islamic schools/Madrasahs.

Do you accept all major credit cards?

Yes, we use Stripe as our payment gateway which gives you the choice of using all major debit/credit cards. All major cards are accepted including American Express.

What is the welcome page on each resource?

Many of our resources come with a welcome page. This page gives you tips and ideas on how to use the resource. You do not need to print this page off.

Why do you only accept an annual fee and not a monthly fee?

We have strived to make ilmburst cheap and accessible to all. Our gold membership works out to just over £4 a month. To help keep our costs down and admin work to a minimum, we take a single £50 annual fee which then gives you unlimited access for a year. This then helps to keep our fees low too.

Is my membership fee taken every year?

Ilmburst offers a recurring membership which means the fee is deducted from your account annually. However, you have full control over your membership level and can choose to go to free membership at any time, and no fee will be taken. You will receive an email a few weeks before your membership is due for renewal.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can choose to downgrade to a free membership whenever you choose. However, we are unfortunately unable to offer any refunds. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Can I share an account with another person?

No, it is one account per person/family. Each person has their own membership and they can then use it for their children.

What if I want to subscribe on behalf of an Islamic school or Madrasah?

For Islamic schools and Madrasahs we have our gold plus package. This allows you to share the login details with all your staff so that you can all benefit from ilmburst. The gold plus package will also soon have unique content like pdf templates and lesson plans.

Which version of Islam do you follow or which madhab?

At ilmburst we respect and love all of the great scholars of Islam. We aim to provide authentic content in line with the Qur’an and Sunnah. Our content is checked by qualified people.

Does ilmburst cover different age groups?

Yes, we cater for three age groups, 6 and under, 7-11 and 11+. The reason why we have age groups and not specific ages is that we realise not everyone starts their Islamic education from the same age, and there is no formal system as opposed to mainstream education. No one is ever too young or old to learn about Islam.

How often is the website updated?

Ilmburst is continuously being updated. We will never truly have enough content and each time you visit we hope to have something new to offer. We hope to cover everything related to Islam, in sha Allah. As such, every few days you will see new content being added. You can find this in the Latest Resources part of the homepage.

How can I keep up to date with new content?

You can visit the Latest Resources part of the homepage, subscribe to our mailing list and keep in touch with us vis social media.

Can I leave feedback?

Yes, we welcome your feedback and realise that it helps us to improve. Members can leave feedback on resource pages and rate resources.

Can I request a resource?

Yes, you can contact us via our Contact Us page. Although we cannot guarantee anything we will strive to help you as best we can. Please be patient with us.

Can I contribute?

If you are creative, have some Islamic knowledge and would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you. Please email

Can I help?

Yes, you can help by making sincere du’a for us. You can also spread the word and share the website with family and friends.

How do I find free resources?

We have over 200 free resources available. These are clearly marked with a ‘free resource’ sticker. For an example, see the Big and Small Letters in the Arabic alphabet section.