Ilmburst is an easy to use, ever growing bank of Islamic educational resources for parents and teachers. We cover all Islamic topics, from Qur’an to Arabic, to all types of Islamic studies subjects. Choose your topic, download the resource, print it off, have fun doing it and check the answers. Each resource has been carefully checked for authenticity and designed using professional design software. We aim to make all our resources engaging, easy to use and meaningful. Each resource is a pdf which can you download and print with the aim of you being able to do it at home.

Our Vision

At ilmburst, we are very excited about launching this project. Excited, because we are passionate about nurturing our children from a young age, nurturing in them a love for their religion and nurturing their spiritual development.

The idea for ilmburst began when we found that many of us as parents don’t have the confidence to teach our children their religion. This is due to a variety of reasons. Some of us feel we don’t have the knowledge and ability, others among us don’t have the time to research and prepare the material needed to teach our children and yet others are afraid that they may teach something incorrectly or use inauthentic material. We aim to help change that, in sha Allah. We should all be able to help teach our children in an engaging and fun way. What better way to bond with your children than doing something which is pleasing to Allah?

Using the individual skills and talents of our team we have brought together people qualified in Islamic studies, education and teaching experience to create a wide variety of resources across a wide breadth of subjects, which are then designed using professional design software to ensure high quality.

Our vision is to help nurture a generation of Muslims who are proud and confident of their Islam, and who then use this confidence to excel academically, into their chosen career paths and be role models within their communities.

We ask Allah, the Most High, to grant us all success as parents and teachers, and that He blesses our children and makes them a source of happiness and joy for us in this world and the next.


Shaykh Dr Ahsan Hanif (PhD)


Shaykh Ahsan is the founder and director of ilmburst. He has studied Islam all his life, from a young age when he memorised the Qur’an, to his years studying at the Islamic University of Madinah all the way to his PhD in Islamic Theology from the University of Birmingham. Shaykh Ahsan is an instructor for AlMaghrib Institute, an imam and international lecturer. He also holds an ijazah in the 10 qira’at of the Qur’an.



Ruqayyah is a qualified teacher by profession. She holds a BSc in Biological Chemistry and a PGCE teaching qualification. Ruqayyah brings her wealth of practical teaching experience to the ilmburst team.

Aneesa Saleem


A director of ilmburst, Aneesa has memorised the Qur’an, and holds a BA in English and a MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham. She also holds a CELTA teaching qualification and has a passion for teaching young learners.

What makes ilmburst special?

At ilmburst, we strive to achieve the following for our users, in sha Allah:


Authentic Knowledge

The information in our resources is firmly grounded in the Qur’an and Sunnah. All our resources have undergone a vetting process for content authenticity, in sha Allah. This includes all information and hadith. This allows you to use the resources in the comfort of knowing that your children are learning true Islam.


Designed in Professional Software

No body likes low quality products or grainy images and text. All our resources have been carefully designed in professional software to ensure high standards. We don’t just use simple word processing programs. We have balanced design with the practical implication of printing off resources.

Fun & Creative

Learning about Islam should be fun and enjoyable. Children need to love learning about Islam. Our resources have been carefully and lovingly put together to ensure they are creative and fun to use. Resources appeal to different age groups and learning styles so that each child can learn their religion in a way that harnesses their strengths.


Answers & Guidance Provided

We understand parents feel out at sea when it comes to Islamic education. At ilmburst, we have put together a welcome page and answer/guidance sheets on many of our resources, so that you don’t have to do any of the hard work. Where there is room for discussion, prompts are provided.

User Friendly

The three main learning styles are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Where possible, we attempt to cater to these learning styles.
•    There are 5 simple steps to using ilmburst:
o    Step 1 – Create an account
o    Step 2 – Search and choose a resource
o    Step 3 – Download the resource
o    Step 4 – Print if off
o    Step 5 – Use it with your child and check the answers